Season 1Edit

# Image Title Days Flashback
01 EncounterAtFarPoint "Encounter at Far Point"  ? A little insight is given to Ned, Leigh and Mats and their interactions on the cruise ship.
Ned Pilgrim, a former art teacher, awakens following the crash of a luxury cruise liner and steps forward as a leader among a large group of survivors. An odd transcription is uncovered on a papyrus hidden inside a book, arousing suspicion against the book's owner, while a young girl goes missing, resulting in an ominous warning from a mysterious stranger.
02 AnAngryDom "The Twelfth Step" 2–3 The origin's of Dominic's ring and Dominic's past is explored.
A trip to the jungle for food leads to a trial of temptation for Dominic. Meanwhile, Ned and the others have to deal with the fallout of the mysterious man in the jungle.