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Marcus Garvey is one of the main characters of LOST: The Next Generation. He is played by Roger Cross.

Off the IslandEdit


Not much is known about Marcus' past, but he has mentioned that he is a former Navy SEAL, and according to Nammock, Marcus is the "type of man who rolls over and does what others tell him to". ("Broken Mirror")

On the La MerEdit

It is unknown why Marcus on the La Mer, but he told Jonathan that he was traveling alone. ("Encounter at Far Point") It is known that he was writing a letter on the cruise, and following the crash he recovered his notepad and pen, allowing him to take a headcount and names of the survivors after arriving on the Island. On the Island, he took out the letter he was writing tearfully and threw it in the campfire. ("The Twelfth Step")

On the IslandEdit

Season 1Edit

Following the crash, Marcus assisted in rescuing the numerous injured or periled people, alongside Jonathan and Ned. He recognized the guilt Ned was feeling for leaving people inside the teetering cruise ship, but assured him there was nothing they could do to help them. Marcus notes to the group that the land formations and the way the ocean spreads out from their location makes him think that they crashed on an Island. The group agrees with this. He suggests they leave the bodies on the rocks after Ned suggests that they move to the beach. After Katy goes missing, Marcus calms down the group and assures them she couldn't have gotten far since he believes they're the only ones on the Island. Ned counters this with "Tell that to Shephard", which refers to the name 'Shephard' he found crossed off in Jacob's Cave whilst rescuing survivors. ("Encounter at Far Point")

After bringing Katy back to the beach and overhearing Ned and Jonathan argue over whether or not Katy was lying about the jungle man, Marcus agrees with Ned, admitting that even though he was at first affirmative that they were the only ones on the Island, he says he doesn't see any reason for Katy to lie. Marcus pulls out the pad of paper and pen he had on the cruise, volunteering to take names and a headcount. He gets the names of Emily and Katy, starting conversation. That night, at the campfire, Marcus takes out the letter he wrote on the cruise. He crumples it up and throws it into the fire tearfully. ("The Twelfth Step")


  • Marcus is named after a famous Black Nationalist and advancer of the Pan-African philosophy, with whom he shares the same name .
  • In Latin-American, the name Marcus means- warlike. Other origins for the name Marcus include - Gaelic, in which the name means 'hammer'.The name Marcus is most often used as a male name.
  • The surname of Garvey was descendant from the gaelic 'Gairbhit' - meaning rough, peace

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