The La Mer was a luxurious cruise ship that, under mysterious circumstances, shipwrecked onto the Island on June 13, 2025. This is the central moment in the series Lost: The Next Generation, and the personal chronological beginning of the main characters' exploits on the Island. A group of about thirty-six to forty survivors have met up after the ship crashed at the canyons of the Island. This group has later moved to the beach, then split up and had one group move to a nearby lighthouse in hopes of attracting rescue. The ship itself was destroyed shortly after impact due to huge damage and numerous aftershock explosions.


La Mer Crew & Passengers

Survivors Annie RandArchie YatesArthurDominic FrostEmily CampbellJonathan HarkerKatyLeigh BlackmoorMarcus GarveyMats LindgrenNed PilgrimRoz MulheronSummer St. ClairTheo BenoîtZhen LuMatthew FieldsSandraNashMickey Lagudi
Unknown Drunk coupleKaty's fatherIris ChoudhryAnatole Krum