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Episode 8 Winner - Episode 9 is choose your own centricEdit


Episode 8 was announced! The Wizard of Roz showed a darker side of Roz and with only one other script to compete with (because apparently the third submission was so forgettable) it became a clear winner. Episode 9 is now underway with a choose your own centric. With submissions already coming in, it looks to be bigger on participation, which is awesome.

Episode 9 is the mid-season episode and has Annie heading to the Lighthouse with dynamite. Annie's determination is bound to clash with Harker's need to get off the Island.

Well, Episode 9 is due soon! It's bound to be EXPLOSIVE!


Keep writing folks.

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The LOST: TNG contest is a collaborative contest hosted on Righters Untie. The premise of the contest is to write, in screenplay format, a spin-off show inspired by Lost. The show takes place in the future with a different set of characters. The Pilot Episode was open-ended, with a set of characters decided by popular vote. Each episode, submissions based on the continuity of previous episodes are sent in and judged by a panel as well as popular vote.

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Summer St. Clair is the daughter of a murdered big-game hunter and his wife, slaughtered by Summer's psychotic boyfriend, Anatole. She wrote a memoir about her experience, and Anatole wasn't happy about this.
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ANNIE: Mats... don't let that heart of yours get in my way. Cause then - I'll have to kill you too. ("The Wizard of Roz")

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