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Katy is a young survivor of the shipwreck. She was traveling with her father, who is nowhere to be found following the wreck. In his absence, Theo has taken her under his wind with the promise that she would be reuinted with her missing father.

Before the IslandEdit


Not much is known about Katy's past.

On the La MerEdit

Not much is known about why Katy went on the La Mer, but it's known she went on the cruise with her father. Katy and her father walked past Summer and Anatole during a verbal dispute, to which Katy's father asked if everything was all right. After getting the okay, the two left the scene. Shortly thereafter, the ship crashed and Katy was separated from her father. ("Monster")

On the IslandEdit

Season 1 (Days 1-?)Edit

Following the crash, Katy's dad is missing. Theo Benoît 'pinky-promises' to her that he will find her dad and becomes her caretaker. Katy goes missing when Theo isn't paying attention, wandering into the jungle where she is met by a mysterious man who hands her a red apple and tells her to warn the others that he and his friends will be watching them. She returns to the group, who was worried sick over her absence, and conveys the mysterious man's ominous warning to them. ("Encounter at Far Point")

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