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Iris Choudhry is the former publicist and close friend of Summer St. Clair. The two shared a personal friendship before the savage murder of Summer's parents and the writing of Summer's memoir of the experience, which Iris became the publicist for. Although she's power-hungry and money-loving, Iris does seem to care about Summer and her safety. She was on the cruise, and her current status is unknown.



Iris and Summer seem to have a long history together, seeming to be close friends. After the murder of Summer's parents by her ex-boyfriend Anatole in 2021, Summer writes a book and hires Iris as her publicist. Iris becomes obsessed with the money, but still seems to care about Summer. When she finds out Summer is planning on putting a framed Charlie Hume in jail when she knows he's innocent and backing out of publishing her memoir, Iris talks her out of it, the book goes on sale and Charlie is let free. Summer changes her name and decides to go into an isolated place in Australia to go into hiding so Anatole won't find her, saying goodbye to Iris for what they believe to be for good.

However, in 2025, Iris resurfaces in Summer's life and invites her on a cruise on the La Mer ship, and Summer accepts her offer.

On the La MerEdit

While onboard the La Mer, Summer was confronted by her ex-boyfriend and the murderer of her parents, Anatole Krum. Iris suggested Anatole back off while Summer stabbed him. Anatole took chase after Summer. Iris attempted to stop him and he simply pushed her out of the way. It is unknown if Iris survived the shipwreck.

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Portrayed by Rachael Taylor
Centric-Episodes:   "Monster"
Flashback characters: Anatole Krum · Charlie Hume · Iris Choudhry · Katy · Katy's father
Items: Summer's memoir

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