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Anatole Krum is the lover of Summer St. Clair she met while traveling through France. It is mentioned that he has a powerful father. Feeling threatened by her parents' disapproval of him, Anatole, who was deeply in love with Summer, murdered her parents. After hearing about the memoir Summer was writing, Anatole sent her mother's head in a box to Summer, and Summer attempted to back down and go along with Anatole's framing of a petty criminal, the young teenager Charlie Hume. But Summer eventually saw the error in her ways and put out the book. Somehow avoiding the law enforcement (probably with the help of his powerful father), Anatole eventually tracked down a hiding Summer to Sydney, Australia and followed her onto a cruise ship. After her attempted murder on him went wrong, Anatole chased her down into the cruise's kitchen. When the cruise crashed on the Island, Anatole was nowhere to be found. Summer believes him to be dead but his ultimate status is unknown.

Summer St. Clair
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Portrayed by Rachael Taylor
Centric-Episodes:   "Monster"
Flashback characters: Anatole Krum · Charlie Hume · Iris Choudhry · Katy · Katy's father
Items: Summer's memoir